Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

Character Design course with Stephen Silver - II

In lesson 2 we started working on two characters inspired by "Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde". I came up with a shy, nerdy school kid, called Ben Timidson, aged 9 to 10, placed in the late 70's, who is afraid of everything and his vicious, arrogant mutation Jack Debacle, who has a huge temper problem and loves exploring and (then) destroying things.

These are some of the first sketches for the mousy Ben and the punky Jack. 

With the help of Stephen Silvers critique I mashed up some parts of the sketches with my favorite one, (which got his approval as well - wohoo :) and started the clean up, so this fellow on the right ended up to be the final one. During the remaining weeks of the class we then had to make turns, expressions and attitudes with the final version of character 1. - might post them as well soon.