Freitag, 30. September 2011

character dealing with dust-mite-allergy

Two Illustrations for a kids' website from Stallergenes, a biopharmaceutical company, that informs about dust-mite-allergy. - The mites and the teddybear were already done and designed and I had to include them in the drawing.
Had a lot of fun working on this and hope the kids will like it.

suffering from the symptoms

happy and able to live with its allergy

allergy sufferers

Sketches for a character that shows the symptoms of a dust-mite-allergy but gets along just fine with the mites after learning about how to live with them and is meant for the 'kids' corner' of a biopharmaceutical companies website.

I was looking for an animal with no hairs so there wouldn't be a confusion with fleas or e.g. cats allergy and the cat would be allergic to him/herself... (well, would be fun too, though... or its only allergic to its sibling or parents... when turning thirteen... anyways, I'm rambling ..)
And the mites are too creepy as big like this :) in the final version it hugs a teddybear full of mites.

Samstag, 24. September 2011

KP - early character sketches

some early, rough character sketches for the Illustration project

I did for the learning system 'KnowldegePulse' (see below).

The idea here was to show the un-informed people, that do not use or know the learning software, suffer from high pressure, work stress and insecurity so they keep their heads down and loose a few feet (well, legs…).

...still like the faces and simple shapes a lot...

Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Illustrations for a learning system II

some more Illustrations for the KnowledgePulse project
server connection and mobile

Illustrations for a learning system

Knowledge Pulse is a software program developed and provided by Research Studios Austria, designed for companies and organizations to make the learning, training and administration process of knowledge acquisition more simple and more effective. Learning becomes easier for individuals by means of repetition, breaking down the learning content into small units and learning cards and using a push and pull system. KnowldegePulse tracks the users learning progress, gives reports and stats and provides simple content generation. (More info here.)

I was asked to do Illustrations for web and print that bring the benefits of KnowledgePulse across and liven up the content.

Here are some sketches and Illustrations of the project:

sketches for a positiv, well-informed character, using KnowledgePulse
and a negative, insecure and clueless one, who doesn't

sketch for showing the progress, employee gets better and more secure
(-not used)

sketches for the 'KP' people

negativ, stressed and positiv, confident trainer-character and sketches for female version

Illustration showing how usually traditional learning material gets forgotten

over-worked employee with little time for learning

learning step by step

push and pull system

easy administration


after - redesign for the icons
at the last one I tried to make it clearer and bring out the logo more

illustrated Forgetting Curve after Ebbinghaus