Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Strapazin #112 "Fernsehserien" (TV serials)

The issue #112 of the swiss comic magazine Strapazin is out since September. (Yay!) It is packed with 150 strips portraying TV-series 'of our youth' and beautifully wrapped in the cover by Christoph Abbrederis
Among many others you'll find Knight Rider, Mumins, Barbapapas, Kojak, Muppet Show, Twin Peaks, Fresh Prince, Parker Lewis, Der Kommisar... just to name a few. Starting with Lassie the shows are put together in chronological order and I very much enjoy 'zapping' through them. 
A bit further down on this blog I already posted a little bit about it and my contribution however on the Strapazin website you can find out more, get a sneak peek on the pages and a list of all the great featured artists. Take a looksie HERE
Strapazin #112 is curated by David Basler and Christoph Abbrederis. 

(: Get it. Get it now! :)