Montag, 30. Juli 2012

stepping outside

this fellow showed up a couple of days ago... last week's heatwave has probably gotten to me... :)

fox and bunnies

When I was sorting out files and updating portfolios last week I got caught up a little with foxes and bunnies and vector doodling... although I'd have enough on my plate. I also have a real life fox in my new neighbourhood who I often catch late at night hanging around the dustbin on the street across my window. So maybe he/she is to blame...
--- thinking of bringing him/her a sandwhich one day. Or I put a bunny in the trashcan... em of course a healthy, vegan tofu bunny rather... much better fit for the 'hood' as well... enough blabber some pictures... 

He is my favourite:

- hello

 - love sucks

Logo design - KnowledgeFox

These foxes are part of a logo design process I did in December/January... 

The logo is for a new company in the learning software business and a spin-off of the Research Studios Austria called KnowledgeFox. They asked me for a fox with the directive not to be sneaky nor furtive but cute, smart and inquisitive. 

font: Novecento by Synthview.

Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

illustration series - future challenges

Earlier this year I was asked by ViF (Virtual Vehicle Competence Center), a research and development company in the automative industry to do a series of illustrations that depict the future challenges of production. 
Together with several partner firms like BMW, Magna et al. and Universities of Technology in Austria and Germany they run a project and platform called FuturePLM that deals with the product lifecycle management in the year 2020, its possible occurring problems and their solutions (link).
First illustration up is the order followed by the challenges and last one showing the platform. 

mmmm... picnic

This illustration was for a picnic promotion by the café Moser in Salzburg this spring and done for LOA Design Studio Salzburg. Food having fun in the sun :)

some icons for the flyer