Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Alles Gute zum 80er!

it is one of my uncles 80th birthday today!
and as he is the only relative above 50 who likes to use the internet - being an engineer and in general an analog and digital technology enthusiast- I thought I'll take advantage of that and upload a little greeting. (well, some others do use it - when mails are printed out for them or with special guidance :) cheers, paps! :)
So, happy 80th birthday from 80 birds, a worm and me!

Alles Gute zum 80er, lieber Onkel!

von 80 Vögeln, nem Wurm und mir

liebe Grüße,


Dienstag, 27. März 2012

tangled up

a very cutesy, 'hearty' submission with two jellyfish
two days left to score

previous sketch..
I like the more intense 'canoodling' but the eyelids
are hard to recognize as such

Dienstag, 20. März 2012

threadless collab - luchadores/muscle men - sketch n doodles

for about a week I am doodling little muscle men every now and then for a threadless colab initiated by 'Isaboa' (Joe Carr) - check out the last one 'Monster Mash Collaboration of HORROR' here.
Really like the whole mass-collaboration-idea and also the theme for this one got me 'pumped'.

I thought an interaction between the fighters would be kinda nice... when I saw 'citizen riffersons' character this is
what happened:

above the luchador in his original state and glory
CREDITS: Anthony Sekyere aka Tony Riff >>>

gottcha! - quick digital sketch of a little 'sucker'

I really like it but I hope he doesn't virtually kick my butt for doing this!!!
...have mercy!

...some more sketches and doodles...


(don't really have a name for this one.. mm .. quick-kick-zig .. )

sparkles and sweat pants
cupcake man aka sweet pain

So, let's see what the threadless-guys are thinking...