Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

sloth's cover shoot

In February the sloth I made for Klaus got the attention of documentary filmmaker Sonja Heiss, who wanted a picture of it for the cover of her book "Das Glück geht aus", in a particular setting in L.A. -as she was staying there, being a stipendiary of the Villa Aurora. I had to check with its current owner Klaus but as we all were convinced that it was in good hands, the furry thing then got picked up in Ludwigsburg, driven to Berlin to be then flown to L.A. and all the way back again.

So the slow thing got around a lot after all :)

The book got released last week and is now available for purchase. Go get it!

I just read the very first two chapters/stories and honestly, if I wouldn't have a deadline hanging over my head I would not put it down.

Sonja Heiss, "Das Glück geht aus",

Bloomsbury Verlag Berlin 2011