Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Joseph Binder Award 2012 shortlist

Good News! The two entries I sent in got on the shortlist for a Joseph Binder Award and  
the Christmas Peace drawings and fingerprints now have a merit award for sure which is already pretty great. 
Just sent my confirmation mail for the event which will take place in a month in Vienna. 
Because I was feeling 'gif.fy' the other day and to express my joy I made this happy face:

a good read

It's getting cold outside and the dawn knocks early on our heads but I kinda like that. For one it is a good excuse to stay indoors, snuggle up and do some proper comic reading. Or make a drawing, post some blabber and also do a bit of advertising for some peeps  O.o

In May a bunch of gorgeous animation drawing people released a comic anthology under the  name  Neufundland.  The topic is The meaning of Life and each story gives you def. sth. to smile and/or ponder about. Take a look at the beauty here on Sandra's blog and/or order here (hurry up!)
At the release party I got some really nice autograph-drawings into my copy and -behold- an Alfred drawing from Harald Siepermann into my ca. 25year old comic book like this one. many thanks again to Mr. Siepermann if he may stumble upon this... If you do not know who Alfred is (shame on you :) here I just found a short making of video of the whole Alfred story - in german/dutch subtitles.
Being a bit of a shy weirdo and  getting even weirder when meeting someone who's work I admire (and in this case since I was very little…) it was not easy to open my mouth.. Luckily I did get a little push and help there. 

quick doodle from the next day...

Phew, must feel a bit exhibitionistic today to blurb that much out.. Anyways, awkward stuff aside, now to porn. 

A month ago I've been to another release party and again lots of great drawings filed up the front pages of my freshly bought issue. Bettgeschichten is a compilation  of pornographic comics, from very sweet, witty, humorous stories to very graphic, hardcore wieners and splendid moistness depiction. If text is used it is in german... you can find out more here. But kids, adults only! 

After the slightly surreal, sad but also warm (can't think of a better word right now...) 'Everything we miss', 'Some people' (which one can also read online) and the Hilda books Luke Pearson quickly became one of my favorite comic book artists (> tumblr site with work- and some nice inspiration-pics). 
And a new Hilda adventure* just came out! Jippie. 
*little side note - if someone who knows me (hello, lovely) is reading this and he/she might be looking for a b-day present… nudge-nudge..look no further. °=°  

Good read and good evening 

sleepy greeting

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