Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

enemies hug drawings

Ui. I'm very flattered by the re-posting (like here) of my hug-drawings and happy that people seem to enjoy them. I was quite surprised and wouldn't have noticed it without friends like queenmob and Aglika pointing it out to me. So cheers! And thanks a lot to the bloggers!
big hug.
Sorry, I am a bit slow in my reaction... well, always ;)... but especially since I've been struggling with a nasty cold for about a week I behave even more like a sloth than usual...
A bunch of very nice mails and requests landed in my mailbox the past couple of days so I made some of the drawings available as prints at society6 today.
and to post at least something 'new':
some (very!) rough left over scribbles I found on my hard drive...
an attempt to cover all 3 enemies
Peter got dumped for the crocodile
mep mep... one of my favourite cartoon-enemies-pair
but they didn't make it into colour