Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

vector doodling - kitschy unicorns

While I was working on a logo in Dec./Jan. I fell in love with vector doodling again -haven't done it for quite a long time. Playing around with the shapes and ending up with something completely different as originally intended is really a lot of fun. And I think a good way to take a little break from the main work yet ending up doing something.

Here is a glimpse at the mess I like to make on the art-board... while making the basic shape of nessie... some 'kitschy' unicorns came along....

Maybe that is the 'real reason' why unicorns are extinct - they are not able to love someone other than themselves. prancing around usually in the moonlight all snobby and pretentious. Thinking they are better than everyone else and special just because they have a horn on their forehead. Good for you, now gallop off. (except 'the last unicorn' - still love that movie)
Enough nonsense for today and long story short: was quite fun doing these.

another little side product.. bogooock.